Saturday, February 27, 2010

Despite My Warning, People Are Getting Their Hopes Up

According to a couple of articles I've read today (here and here) Manny Ramirez will be on the roster when the Dodgers come to Taiwan for their three game series later this month. Looking for confirmation I came across this article in the LA Times. It reads:

So take this news for what it's worth: Manny Ramirez is on the list of 33 players who will travel to Taiwan for three exhibition games March 12 to 14 against a Taiwanese all-star team.

He volunteered for the trip, which most of the players on the 25-man roster are skipping, but several club officials said they're not sure Ramirez will go.

He has wavered, according to these officials, saying on one day that he'll go, on another that he won't. That has kept the Dodgers from making a formal announcement. One of the officials shrugged and laughed.

Ramirez, asked Friday if he'll make the trip, said, "I don't know, papi. I don't know."

Attaboy, Manny.

I was thinking that staking a bet on Ramirez's appearance might be a fun thing to do. What harm can come from baseball-related gambling?

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