Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Liberation Day!

Wang Chien-ming is no longer a Yankee!

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I hate the Yankees more than any team in baseball.  For the past 5 seasons I've had to endure daily Yankee TV broadcasts (repeated ad nauseam), Yankee shirts, hats, and other paraphernalia wherever I looked, and constant news updates about the team.

No more.

Wang signed a one year deal with Washington today.


  1. bite your tongue! you'll be wishing for the sothing voice of michael kay if the nationals are on the telly thrice daily

  2. We don't get to hear Michael Kay in Tainan. Only the musical tones of Mandarin(thrice daily).

  3. i discovered the SAP button by accident after listening to the mandarin commentary for a year. not all tvs have it. "shuang yu" seems to be less reliable than the good ole SAP.

  4. I think my cable company might be screwing with me. Some of my friends are able to use the SAP button on several channels, but mine only works on a couple of the lower numbered ones (not ESPN or Star sports).

    It's extremely annoying.