Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CPBL-Dodgers Series Rosters

Here are the rosters for the upcoming series between the CPBL and Los Angeles Dodgers, to be played on March 12th, 13th (in Tienmu), and 14th (in Kaohsiung).

Pitchers- Pan Wei-Lun (Lions), Lin Yue-Ping (Lions), Chen Yi-Chen (Lions), Hsu Ming-Jie (Bears), Keng Po-Hsuan (Bears), Lin En-Yu (Elephants), Ye Yong-Jie (Elephants), Yang Chien-Fu (Bulls), Shen Yu-Jie (Bulls), Lin Ying-Jie (Bulls)

Catchers- Kao Chih-Kang (Lions), Lin Hung-Yu (Bears) (Chen Feng-Min (Bears) was named to the team, but is now suspected of match-fixing)

Infielders- Kao Kuo-Ching (Lions), Lin Chih-Ping (Bears), Lin Chih-Sheng (Bears), Cheng Chao-Hsing (Bulls), Lin Yi-Chuan (Bulls),Wang Sheng-Wei (Elephants) Chen Jiang-He (Elephants) (Peng Cheng-Min (Elephants) has pulled out of the squad due to injury)

Outfielders- Liu Fu-Hao (Lions), Pan Wu-Hsiung (Lions), Chen Chin-Feng (Bears), Chang Chien-Ming (Bulls), Zhou Si-Qi (Elephants), Chen Kuan-Jen (Elephants)

Pitchers- Kuo Hong-Chih, Mario Alvarez, Alberto Bastardo, Robert Boothe, Jesus Castillo, Hyang-Nam Choi, John Ely, Francisco Felix, Charlie Haeger, Kenley Jansen, Josh Lindblom, Jon Link, Juan Perez, Eric Stults, Josh Towers 

Catchers-  J.D. Closser, Gabriel Gutierrez, Lucas May, Jesse Mier

Infielders- Hu Chin-Lung, Ronnie Belliard, Angel Berroa, Jamey Carroll, John Lindsey, James Loney, Russ Mitchell, Ramon Nivar

Outfielders- Manny Ramirez, Brian Barton, Xavier Paul, Prentice Redman, Michael Restovich, Trayvon Robinson

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