Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey Elephants, Sort Your S**t Out

This season the Elephants have decided to fill in some of the holes of their depleted pitching staff by bringing in foreigners to do the job. This is not unusual in the CPBL, but rarely do teams go to the lengths that Brother has, bringing in six players to battle for four spots.

As the season approaches it is becoming clearer as to which players will make it to the opening day roster (more on that later). But if the 'phants had any plans on using the remaining pre-season games to test out their new players, they better think again. Apparently the team hasn't gotten work permits for their imports. This screw-up has already cost Ryan Murphy a chance at starting against the Lions (in the game that was played this evening), and it looks like there's a chance this problem won't be solved until after the pre-season finishes.

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