Thursday, March 25, 2010

Minor League News

The 2010 CPBL minor league (CPBL-2) season started up yesterday in Douliu as the Bulls youngsters beat their counterparts from the Bears 2-0.

Each team in the CPBL-2 plays a 60 game season from March to September. The league consists of four teams,  one for each CBPL organization. All games are scheduled to be played at 2pm.

In the past I've had a difficult time digging up information about this league. As of right now, I can tell you where the games will be played, but not the date. When I do find out the full schedule, I'll post it here (or add a link).

The locations for this year's CPBL season are as follows: Douliu (43 games), Taichung (35 games), Kaohsiung (16), Tainan (14), Longtan (8), and Hsinchu (4).

A couple of last season's league 2 players who made the leap to the parent clubs this year are Lions pitcher Wang Jing-Ming and Bulls outfielder Wu Zong-Jun.

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  1. you are not the only one with problems finding info on this league. i know a few guys, but that might not help in getting a schedule if they don't have a bloody schedule!

    anyway, i'll keep checking your blog and if i find something before you do, i'll post it.